Secure IT Solutions​ for your organisation

At Gize we have experienced IT Systems Engineers that know how to implement changes to IT systems to maximise the benefit to your business and minimise any interruptions to your users and customers.


We specialise in computer system replacements or upgrades. Whether you have six or sixty workstations needing replacing, get in touch and we can give you options and provide a no obligation quote.


CCTV installations or upgrades for your business or home.

Roadside Traffic Data Logger

Secure IT Solutions​ for your business, school or college, Gize IT Services, business computing services, computer system upgrade, Gize, IT Consultant
Gize IT Services, Computer System, Upgrade, Gize, IT, Consultant, business

Computer System Upgrade

Information technology systems become outdated typically after 5 to 8 years of use and need upgrading. Systems become slow, software and operating systems grow to be incompatible, hardware becomes unreliable and needs regular servicing and this leads to inefficiencies. We provide a full service that can undertake a partial or complete system refresh. Gize uses tried and tested systems engineering that has been developed over many years.

Gize IT Services, Computer System, Upgrade, Gize, IT, Consultant, business

Technical Products

The engineers at Gize can write or review many types of technical documentation frequently used in industry to specify the requirements, design specifications, testing, technical management and control of a project.

Gize IT Services, Computer System, Upgrade, Gize, IT, Consultant, business

Technical Management

Our technical managers have used a variety of project and technical management tools, methods and techniques, including PRINCE2. We can offer coaching or a review service for your in house staff or we can provide a management service of your staff or subcontractors.

Gize has developed a Roadside Traffic Data Logger that measures the speed and volume of traffic approaching it. Gize engineers will install and subsequently remove the logger and traffic reports will be emailed.

Uses include speed monitoring for Community Speed Watch.

Roadside Traffic Data Logger

CCTV Installation Service

Due to the ever increasing complexities associated with CCTV, it is recommended that professional help is sought to plan, design and install new systems. This ensures the requirements and risks are considered and the correct technology choices are reflected in the solution. Each CCTV system at Gize is tailored to meet the client's needs to achieve good value for money.