Gize can offer a range of IT services

At Gize we have experienced Systems Engineers that have worked across a range of market sectors and in all areas of the lifecycle. We can work with your organisation to understand what you require from a proposed IT change, how this change may affect your people and processes and how the change can be implemented with a smooth transition.

Gize the Company

Gize has experienced systems engineers, IT architects and technical managers. Our staff have the discipline, methods and process you expect from a large prime systems integrator or IT consultancy, but at small company rates. We are flexible, accommodating and sympathetic to the customer requirements and business constraints, like budget and timescales. We have engineers with expertise in:

  • Infrastructure design and implementation;

  • Software development and software development management;

  • Requirements and use case capture;

  • Business analysis;

  • Systems integration;

  • System testing;

  • Technical and project management;

  • Subcontract management;

  • Configuration management;

  • Security Clearance;

  • IT Security design.

If you would like to find out more about how Gize can help you or your company please contact us.

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