Services - CCTV Design, Installation and Upgrade

Domestic installations

Such as; homes, stable yards, private estates, annexes/outbuildings and pet watch (inside or out).  


Are you concerned about security at home and wish to record evidence of activities (sights and sounds) in and around your home? Or do you just want to observe your home, garden or outbuilding from your front room, on your mobile phone or from any PC with internet access. Gize can install solutions from a simple 1 camera low maintenance system that just records motion events to more complex systems with multiple cameras, high definition, low light, pan/tilt/zoom or long range WiFi capability for stable yards or outbuildings. Systems record according to schedules and/or motion detection and playback is easy with the user selecting the date, camera and time.

Gize installs electric gates and can integrate the gate opening with CCTV analytical events such as number plate recognition.

CCTV Installation Service

Turret camera

Turret camera

Day shot &

Night shot

Dome camera

Day shot &

Night shot

Commercial and public sector installations

Such as; shops, offices, warehouses, farms, equestrian facilities, public spaces, car parks, critical infrastructure and boundary/fence protection, road safety, schools/colleges and hospitals.


Gize can work with you to establish what the primary risks and threats are that affect your premises and detail a site plan and proposed installation design to mitigate these risks. Most sites and client requirements are different and Gize engineers know the importance of tailoring the solution to meet the purpose while not over engineering. Certain situations may call upon more specialist cameras that can detect and track people or vehicles at distance or in ultra low light conditions. Number plates can be read at speed or in low light and recorded. Images can be automatically adjusted to compensate for over or under exposure, with bright areas not washed out and dark areas being more sensitive to light levels. Heavy shadows, strong sunlight and night time darkness are not a problem if you choose the right camera technology.

Do you want to control your business car park? Gize can install an automatic barrier and control access via key fobs, keypads, number plate recognition or remote control from reception or through mobile texts. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras can be used for auditing the movements of deliveries, customers or staff.

3G and 4G mobile data telephony can be provided to allow remote viewing and recording of a site of interest even when there is no fixed line telecommunications available. Camera systems can be provided to run fully off grid, where both mains power and fixed line broadband is not available. Battery recharging can be provided by solar panels.


Please contact Gize to talk through your requirement.

Please take a look at our YouTube Channel for a demonstration of 4K Ultra High Definition Pan Tilt Zoom outdoor camera.