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Gize can offer a range of IT services

At Gize we have experienced Systems Engineers that have worked across a range of market sectors and in all areas of the lifecycle. We can work with your organisation to understand what you require from a proposed IT change, how this change may affect your people and processes and how the change can be implemented with a smooth transition. Here are some of the areas we can support your business:

Computer System Upgrade
  • Are you running Windows XP or Windows 7 on your workstations or Windows 2012 or 2008 on your servers?

  • Are you running an old version of Microsoft Office (97, 2003, 2007, 2010)?

  • Is your system fully patched and secure?

  • Is your anti-virus software up to date?

  • Is your file system running out of space?

  • Is your backup system failing or not completing overnight?

  • Are your staff complaining of slow running workstations or slow internet access or network speeds?

  • Is your IT department too busy on operational support issues to look at updating your system?

  • Are you worried about disrupting your business and have put off any IT upgrade?

  • Are you ready to invest in new tools for your business and need assistance on deciding what to invest in?


Gize can perform a full system audit to determine what you currently have in terms of hardware, software and IT services. We can work with your users and the business to take a fresh look at what you need now and in the future verses what IT your company currently has. Gize can then propose and cost a number of solutions to match your budget and aspirations. Gize can implement one of these solutions or oversee your IT department or a third party as they implement a solution.


Our staff are specialised in designing and implementing highly secure systems for the MoD and Government departments. We are familiar with JSP 440 and 480 requirements and have worked with Security Accreditation Authorities to manage the accreditation process of the new systems. This market is dominated by large IT companies with significant overheads. Gize can offer consultancy or system refreshes to secure sites where security clearance is required without the large company overheads.

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