Gize Roadside Traffic Data Logger


Product description

  • It is a compact battery powered device that counts the number of vehicles and their speed as they approach.

  • It has a range of up to 100 metres with an accuracy of 0.1 mph.

  • Traffic is logged for up to 3 weeks on a single charge.

  • It can be attached to a vertical post such as; a lamp post, road sign, telegraph pole, fence post. Height to exceed 2.1 metres above the ground.

  • There is on board memory that can record hundreds of thousands of vehicles.

  • The traffic data logger uses Doppler radar operating in the K-Band (24 GHz).

  • It has compact dimensions: Width: 26 cm. Height: 23 cm. Depth 14 cm.


  • The traffic data logger is typically deployed to a monitoring location for one, two or three weeks.

  • The data is extracted and used to generate summary and detailed reports. See below for example reports.

  • A Gize field engineer will install the sensor for the period required.

  • Reports will be generated in an agreed format and emailed back usually within a day or two.


  • The reports can be used to assess traffic volumes on an hour by hour, day by day or week by week basis.

  • Traffic volumes are grouped in 5 mph collections for the easy assessment of any speeding issues.

  • Raw data can be provided where each individual vehicle is logged with date, time, entry, exit and average speed.

  • Other reports can be provided on request.

  • The reports can be used to determine where and at what times of day speeding is an issue in terms of average speeds or high maximum speeds.

  • The reports can also be used to assess the impact of traffic calming measures, local traffic diversions, new roads or new housing estates.


  • As no personal information is captured and the traffic data logger does not pose a hazard to people (see Note 1) it can be used at the roadside without a warrant or licence. Permission from the local council is required if it is installed on a public lamp post or sign.

  • Users may include:

    • Community Speed Watch groups;

    • Local Authorities;

    • Law Enforcement;

    • Highway Authorities;

    • Event Organisers;

    • Construction Companies;

    • Members of the Public.


The traffic data logging is provided as a service. The price includes installation to and removal from an appropriate existing post, the extraction of the data and the generation of road traffic reports.

1 week: £645 + VAT

2 weeks: £725 + VAT

3 weeks: £895 + VAT

It is the customer's responsibility to notify or seek approval from the local council for the installation on a public road sign or lamp post.

Note 1: The average output power is very low at 65 mw, and so the units are not considered hazardous to health, even when used in very close proximity to the body. World Health Organisation.

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1.) this device may not cause harmful interference and (2.) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

3 Week Summary Report

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1 Day Summary Report

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