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Gize can offer a range of IT services

At Gize we have experienced Systems Engineers that have worked across a range of market sectors and in all areas of the lifecycle. We can work with your organisation to understand what you require from a proposed IT change, how this change may affect your people and processes and how the change can be implemented with a smooth transition. Here are some of the areas we can support your business:

Technical Products​
Gize IT Services, Computer System Upgrade, Gize, IT Consultant, business
Gize IT Services, Computer System Upgrade, Gize, IT Consultant, business

Gize has systems engineers and technical staff that author or review a range of technical products. These products span the full IT development and support lifecycle:

  • Business analysis - identify opportunities and investigate perceived problems

  • Use Case identification - document the use of the current or proposed system

  • Requirements - functional and system requirements with full decomposition as required

  • Architecture and design - depending on the size and complexity of the system this can be broken down: architecture, system design, subsystem designs, component designs, interface control design, security design, performance design, storage and networking design, data modelling, interoperability design, software development design, software integration design.

  • Verification and Cross Reference Index - cements the requirements to the solution

  • System Integration Plan

  • Transition and Cutover Plan

  • Test and Acceptance Plan

  • Test Scripting - User/System Acceptance Tests

  • Support and Maintenance Plan

  • Operational Support and Maintenance Instructions


For smaller projects these documents are usually combined so each subject forms a new chapter or section. If you would a technical product created that is not on this list, please contact us with details.